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Since 2019 Automotion has been the exclusive partner of Tecnotion for the Belgian market. Tecnotion is a world leader for direct-drive solutions.

This partnership arose from a need to meet the ever-increasing demands for accuracy, compactness, cost efficiency and modularity. linear motors and torque motors are therefore crucial in our product portfolio.


Find out more about linear motors here: https://www.tecnotion.com/frequently-asked-questions/what-is-a-linear-motor.html

Find out more about linear motors here: https://www.tecnotion.com/products/torque-motors.html

Our technical team is ready to support and guide you.


Tecnotion introduces torque motors up to xx Nm:


Automotion realises application with positioning accuracy 1µm by using Tecnotion iron-core motors and Renishaw linear encoder.