Weiss Architecture Studio

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End users increasingly expect tailored service, maximum productivity and insight into their production processes. It is imperative to provide a good answer to the question about which data is presented where, be it locally or in the cloud. Cybersecurity and connectivity are common topics here. Schneider Electric is committed to this and also offers the necessary certificates.


On the one hand, we use our system to provide insight into how data from connected products on an edge layer offers enormous added value by synchronising it with camera images. Our set-up allows the OEM to minimise any machine downtime, as all data is available in detail afterwards and the machine can be restarted immediately without the need for intervention by anyone or anything else.


Our software allows you to directly link any machine event or machine status to a video clip of the same timestamp, which means that each machine downtime can be analysed from different angles. This allows the OEM to offer a very high level of service to its end customer, and guarantee a very high machine uptime.


On the other hand, insight is provided into how this data is brought to the cloud in a filtered way. This allows the OEM to make things like OEE, pareto analysis and general ‘plant data’ directly visible to the end user. At the same time, the OEM has a complete electronic database available in the cloud, which in turn offers a great advantage within its organisation. Through our platform and tools, we provide insight into how an end-to-end value proposition is possible in practice.