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Automotion is not an integrator. Automotion offers know-how, hardware and software and supports machine builders and system integrators so that they can successfully integrate and apply the latest technologies with maximum added value to their end customer. As the motion and solution Competence Centre for Schneider Electric for Belgium and the Netherlands, we are a business unit for Schneider, with expertise in automation, robotics and software. Schneider Electric offers these solutions to the OEM market through the Competence Centre.

Schneider Electric: Machine controllers, motion control and robotics

Neugart: Planetary reduction gearboxes

WEG/WAT: Asynchronous motors and reduction gearboxes

Tecnotion: Linear and torque motors

Girard: High-efficiency worm gear reducers

We are not a machine builder or system integrator. As an end user, you can contact us with your question and we will be happy to provide you with the right contact. Automotion has a broad network of machine builders and integrators who can ultimately build and integrate the desired solutions for you. To do so, they make use of our support, knowledge and products.

Of course, our philosophy and vision is to transfer our knowledge as much as possible to our customers. To what extent we assist you in development is entirely up to you as the customer. Do you just want a training course and then to get to work completely independently with the right support, or do you prefer to let us do (part of) the development with a knowledge transfer afterwards? Both are possible. As the customer, you decide which model suits you best.

You can also contact us for repairs, for both equipment from the current range, as well as products that are no longer available new. If the product can no longer be repaired, we can help you upgrade to a newer solution.

Automotion is an official training centre recognised by Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Alimento.

This means that, if your company meets the conditions, you can receive subsidies to follow a training with us.

The training courses vary from being able to perform maintenance and initial analysis (maintenance and service oriented), to a high-end motion training course where you will be introduced to the Schneider environment and the software tools that Automotion has (development oriented). A standard training course has been developed for almost all Schneider Electric Industry equipment (freq-controller, servo drive, PLC, motion controller…) and for almost every application (non-motion, motion, communication, data…).

The Schneider controllers can be integrated with non-Schneider environments. We support a lot of communication possibilities to connect with ‘foreign’ controllers in the line. All industrial communication protocols such as Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP, Profinet, EtherCAT, CANopen, Sercos3… are supported.

The Schneider Electric Automation platform is extremely flexible when it comes to communication, and Automation has all the know-how to support you. OPC, OPC-UA, FTP, socket communication, XML… there’s no doubt we’ll find the right solution for you.

Schneider has 4 types of robots in its range: Cartesian robots, Delta robots (2 and 3 dimensions) and Scara robots. The type of robot depends on the specs you want to achieve from the system, the environment of the robot, the range and the budget. At Automotion we work together with you from the concept phase so that we can put forward the best technical solution for your budget.

Just as we are specialists in the field of motion control and robotics, we see vision as a speciality in itself, for which you need dedicated expertise and a partner. We are able to communicate with any vision system so there are no limitations for vision. Where we are ‘motion’ specialists, there are also ‘vision’ specialists who can guide you through this process. We then ensure that it can be connected to our system.

No, we do not build machines.

No, but Automotion is regularly in direct contact with end customers. On the one hand this is to help our machine builders gain insight into their added value, and on the other hand because end customers sometimes contact us with specific automation cases.

Automotion is active in every market segment where automation is used. Our tools and knowledge are applicable to logistics, pharma, material handling, food & beverage, printing, metal, agriculture, HVAC…

Automotion does not build electrical cabinets. These are either built by the machine builder themselves or by a specialised third party. Automotion offers knowledge to integrate our hardware into your electrical cabinet and can put you in contact with partners who can do this work for you.

We can communicate with robots from other suppliers. In that case, the specific robot programming will be programmed in the specific robot PLC. In applications where Schneider Electric cannot offer the most suitable robot solution, Automotion can guide you to set up an appropriate communication structure between the Schneider system and the robots.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and introduce yourself.